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What Recovery from Oral Surgery Entails
Posted on 10/15/2018 by Woodland Hills OMS
Anytime you have oral surgery, and whether it is wisdom teeth extraction or something more complicated, it is essential you follow our instructions precisely to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. Our goal is to make the surgery as easy for you as possible with the shortest recovery time. The sooner we can have you back to your normal activities the better. Recovering from Oral Surgery – How Long Does It Take? Any surgery no matter how minor, is risky and traumatic on some level. We will make you comfortable during the procedure by using a local anesthetic or putting you to sleep, so you have no memory of what happened. The days following the operation will be critical to your recovery. When you come in for your consultation, and we inform you of the need for surgery, you will receive all the information related to the procedure. There are some things you must do before coming in that day, including not eating or drinking anything past midnight the prior day. We will also give you specific instructions on what to expect immediately following the surgery and in the coming days. The most important thing to keep in mind is that every person is different and will react to an oral surgery differently as well. One person may recover and resume his or her usual activities without any problems, while the next person will struggle more. The recovery process will be longer or shorter depending on many factors, including the extent of the problem, how long the surgery was, how much sedation was used, and many other factors. Another vital part of oral surgery recovery is to take it easy. As simple as this sounds, a lot of people suffer relapses because they get bored of sitting around and jump into strenuous physical activity too soon. It is essential that you follow all our instructions and before you know, your surgery will be in the past....

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