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Why Oral Surgeons Like Us Are the Best People to See Following Facial Injuries

Posted on 9/13/2018 by Woodland Hills OMS
Why Oral Surgeons Like Us Are the Best People to See Following Facial InjuriesAnytime you suffer from facial injuries from an accident or other incident, oral surgeons like us are the best people to see.

Even if your injuries don't appear severe enough to warrant a trip to the hospital, you should get checked out to make sure you haven't broken any teeth, and your jaw is not damaged.

Sometimes the only thing that is apparent after an injury to the face is bruises that change color as the days pass. In other instances, you will have more apparent injuries to the inside of the mouth, such as broken or cracked teeth, split lips, and a dislodged or broken jaw.

Why You Should Call Us After a Facial Injury

Whether you suffered a blow to the face after a rough game of football or rugby or you were involved in a car accident, you should schedule a visit with us as soon as possible.

If your injuries include broken or loose teeth, don't try to pull the tooth out. Even when the tooth is hanging by a hair, our surgeons can typically save it. Anytime there is the opportunity to keep your natural teeth, we will do everything, so you can keep that tooth. If a tooth has fallen out, we can usually reattach it, if you come to us immediately following the incident. Do not throw a tooth out.

We are not only here to save your damaged teeth and can treat other injuries to the jaw or facial bones. Our team of doctors has extensive experience in reconstructive and plastic surgery.

If you are treated at an emergency room for facial injuries, we still want to see you to make sure we don't miss any other problems. If you are doing well enough to come to the office, we urge you to do so as soon as possible. Otherwise, you or a family member can give us a call and we will schedule the first available appointment for a checkup

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