Bruxism Often Happens During the Night – Here is How to Tell if You Have It
Posted on 04/15/2019 by

When you are asleep, there are many things happening to your body. Sleep is the time when your body repairs the damage from the day’s activities.

While there are good things happening to your body while you sleep, there are also some dangerous things that can happen. One of those things is bruxism, or teeth grinding, and it can lead to many problems. The first challenge for anyone is determining whether or not they are suffering from bruxism.

Signs to Watch For

You are sleeping while you grind your teeth, so you are most likely unaware that it is happening. That does not mean you can’t figure out that it happens. The key is to look for the signs of bruxism while you sleep. There are several things to look for.

• Jaw Pain or other aches. If you wake up and your jaw is sore or tired, it is possible that bruxism is the cause.
• Broken, chipped or cracked teeth. If your teeth suffer damage while you sleep, that is a sign that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep.
• Loose teeth. The longer you grind your teeth, the looser they may get.
• Bad Sleep. If you are unable to fall into a deep sleep, there are several reasons for it, but bruxism is a possibility.

Like many medical conditions, the signs to look for to spot bruxism involve changes in your body. Many of the bruxism related problems take time to develop and you should watch for changes int eh way your mouth and teeth look and feel.

Get Help from Others

It is difficult to notice some of the signs of bruxism yourself. They are subtle and easy to explain with something else. A better way to discover the problem of bruxism is with the help of others. A person sleeping next to you may hear the grinding of the teeth. One of our dental professionals can also spot the signs associated with bruxism during a visit to our office. Many times, the problem of bruxism is first noticed by someone other than the person suffering from it.

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