The idea of oral surgery can sometimes provoke anxiety. We understand, and our goal is to make your experience in our office as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. One of the topics we’ll discuss during your consultation and health evaluation is your choice of personalized anesthesia options.

We offer various forms of anesthesia, including local anesthesia, IV sedation, and general anesthesia.  We will evaluate your oral and overall health and concerns, then administer the anesthesia that is safest and most appropriate for you.

Our doctors and staff are extensively trained in administering anesthesia of all types, and we utilize the latest technologies and medications to ensure your comfort and safety. We are experienced in providing anesthesia to patients of all ages, from pediatric to elderly patients. We are licensed and accredited in accordance with strict guidelines, and we utilize the same monitoring and safety standards in our office as we do in hospital operating rooms.

Questions about Anesthesia

It is common to have questions about anesthesia, what is being given, and if it will interact negatively with other medications or conditions. Our surgeons, Dr. Robert G. Hale and Dr. James P. Jensvold are happy to review this information with you. To schedule an appointment, contact Woodland Hills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at our Woodland Hills office by calling: (818) 999-0900