Can Impacted Canines Get Shifted Into the Right Position?
Posted on 02/15/2020 by

Though we may do what we can to keep our teeth in the best shape possible, sometimes we might get a wrench thrown in that is out of our control. Especially when children are still developing their jaws, teeth stand a greater likelihood of having complications when erupting.

The most common issue usually comes from the canines, which have the longest roots and are known as the anchor teeth in the front of the mouth. Some of the last to emerge, it is important to stay on top of your oral health to ensure we can keep these special teeth from getting impacted.

What Can You Do About Impacted Canines?

During an exam, we will take x-rays to make sure the teeth are coming in the way they should. If for some reason we detect an issue, we can work immediately to try to prevent it. In the event there is an impaction, through the use of orthodontic devices and, if necessary, gentle surgery, we can try to coax the canines down to prevent further problems from occurring.

The Importance of Early Detection

Spacing can be important and in the development of the jaw, as the canines grow in, they are responsible for ensuring the gaps between the front teeth are reduced if not eliminated entirely. This makes sure the rest of the teeth line up correctly for optimal oral health. If there are any teeth, particularly baby teeth, that may be preventing the canines from emerging, then it may be necessary to extract these teeth to stop a potential impaction before it has the chance to happen.

If you are concerned about your child’s dental health or your own, we are happy to answer any questions to help alleviate your anxiety. Give our office a call and we can set you up with an appointment immediately.