Can Your Sinuses Hurt Your Teeth?
Posted on 07/20/2018 by

When you are suffering from a sinus infection, it not only causes pain in the sinuses, but it can also be painful in the teeth.

It is important to identify the reason for the dental pain, because there is always the possibility that an infection in the sinus can get into the upper teeth.

How to Relieve Pain from Sinuses

There are some things you can do to relieve the pain from a sinus infection. Drink lots of fluid, use steam when showering, because this helps hydrate the mucous membranes and decreases the mucus buildup, according to the Animated Dissection of Anatomy for Medicine (ADAM).

You can also eat spicy food, make sure you are propped up, so you don’t get congested at night while you sleep, and use over-the-counter medications, such as an expectorant, to clear the pressure.

How to Tell if the Pain is from a Sinus Infection?

There is one way of knowing whether tooth pain is due to a blocked sinus. If the pain increases when you bend over, then it is caused by a sinus problem, because when you bend over, the pressure that causes pain in your teeth shifts.

When Should I Call Your Office?

You could have an abscessed tooth and not know it, if you have a sinus infection at the same time. The pain from a sinus infection is usually dull and there is tenderness and soreness present. However, if you feel a sharp pain or the pain increases as time goes on, you may have a tooth abscess and need to seek treatment immediately.

Pain from a sinus infection cannot only affect the upper teeth, as they are in close contact with the sinuses, but they can also spread to the lower teeth as well, which is something very common. If you think that your tooth pain can be something other than the effects of an infection, please call us right away.