Crown Lengthening Can Give You a Gorgeous Smile
Posted on 03/15/2020 by

There are few things about our appearance that factor so deeply in our overall self-esteem and confidence as our smile does. Just about anything else that we are uncomfortable with can be covered or accessorized. For thinning hair, hats and wraps can be utilized.

For problem areas on our bodies, more flattering clothes can be worn. But when we have an issue with our teeth or gums, it generally cannot be hidden and is highly visible when speaking or laughing or one of the many other times we interact with people. Gummy smiles are one such cosmetic issue that many people are uncomfortable with, but crown lengthening can go a long way in helping that.

It Brightens Your Smile

The first thing that draws people to the thought of crown lengthening is the fact that is can do wonders for their smile. Giving it a much more vibrant appearance is something that can have numerous reverberating effects throughout every aspect of their lives. From increased confidence at work to a more relaxed and comfortable social life, crown lengthening has helped countless people.

It Improves Oral Care and Hygiene

Even more importantly than the cosmetic effects of this procedure are the oral health benefits it offers. With the ability to better brush and care for your teeth, your overall dental health becomes much better as well. This also leads to keeping that bright and vibrant appearance of your smile last longer.

No matter why a person needs crown lengthening, whether for cosmetic or practical purposes (or both), there really is no reason to keep putting it off. The procedure is relatively simple and the recovery time is quick. Give us a call or stop by our offices to learn more about how it might help you.