Dental Implant Procedure
Woodland Hills, CA

The placement of dental implants involves a minimally invasive procedure that is approved for most patients, including those who are medically more delicate. Depending on the work being done, some patients may be completed in one day, where other patients may require months of preparation including strengthening deteriorated bone. Working with an oral maxillofacial surgery office, our patients are confident in knowing that they are receiving highly specialized dental care by a trusted oral surgeon. Our team at Woodland Hills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, including Dr. Robert G. Hale and Dr. James P. Jensvold can make a significant difference in your oral health, rebuilding and restoring your teeth with the assistance of dental implants.

Reestablishing the root of a lost tooth, through the use of dental implants, has changed dentistry. Patients no longer need to manage missing teeth; we don’t just replace teeth with minimally stabilized versions, we can restore teeth by rebuilding their foundation. A dental implant allows our surgeons to create a connection between the jaw and the tooth, giving you an independent permanent solution. Once the implant is healed, we can then place a customized prosthetic, including a dental crown, a bridge, a partial denture, or even a full denture.


During your consultation, we begin to develop your treatment plan. During this planning time, we will want to review your medical history, including conditions and medications you are taking, even if your medical information seems irrelevant. There are certain conditions that can slow the healing process; we want to be aware of this possibility. Patients who smoke, have diabetes, cancer treatment, or a range of medications may need to make adjustments before surgery.

Using 3D digital images, we can create a precise map, allowing for perfect placement of your implant. These images will also allow us to view the density of your jaw bone. Many patients will require a simple bone graft procedure before surgery to bulk up the bone. We want to sink the implant into dense, solid bone, helping you have elevated success with your implant. Patients who are having immediate dentures placed will not require a bone graft, that is because the implants used for that procedure are longer in length, developed to reach the thicker bone.

With a treatment plan in place, the surgical implant insertion is simple. One of our surgeons, Dr. Robert G. Hale or Dr. James P. Jensvold will help you be comfortable with the appropriate anesthetic. They will then take a specialized drill to create the necessary space in your bone, which was already precisely mapped. Once space is made, the titanium implant is placed, and the area is sutured closed. The soft tissue will heal within days, and the bone will heal over the next few months. Once the implant is stable, we can then prepare the customized prosthetic to be placed over the implant.

Our staff at Woodland Hills Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is happy to review this treatment with you and provide more in-depth information specific to your needs. For more information, contact our Woodland Hills office at: (818) 999-0900