Depression from Poor Dental Health is Fixable
Posted on 03/25/2020 by

Even with all of the physical problems which arise from poor dental hygiene, perhaps the more devastating toll it takes may be emotional and psychological.

While the obvious manifestations of such conditions are things like tooth decay, bad breath, difficulty eating, and hypersensitivity to cold and hot stimuli, for those suffering with severe dental issues the internal consequences can be just as significant as the external ones.

Lack of Confidence and Self-Assuredness

The first thing that we often hear from patients who are having serious dental health problems is usually about the impact that it has on their personal life, even more so than the physical issues such as eating or drinking. Things that many of us take for granted, like having dinner with friends or going out to a live event can become a source of anxiety and embarrassment for someone who is uncomfortable with the appearance of their smile or the condition of their teeth.

A Continuing Downward Spiral

From there it only continues to get worse if the dental conditions aren’t addressed and treated. Generally speaking, as the issues progress to the point of chronic decay or tooth loss, many times the patient will completely disconnect from their friends, eliminating most or all of their social life. It is no secret how important of a role that human interaction and contact play in our emotional health, and when we cut it off and begin to spend large amounts of time in isolation, several negative disorders can develop, namely depression.

If you have urgent dental needs that are impacting your personal life in a harmful way, please take just a moment to get in contact with our offices and see if we might be able to help. When it comes to something that has such a wide-ranging influence on every aspect of your life it really can’t continue to be ignored.