Foods To Avoid During Bone Graft Recovery
Posted on 02/25/2019 by

One of the most important parts of the recovery from a dental bone graft procedure is the aftercare. The better a person takes care of themselves after the surgery, the faster they will recover and the less risk of complications they will face. The aftercare for dental bone graft surgery involves many things.

Part of the aftercare involves the diet a person should follow. It is important to get foods high in vitamins and mineral that speed up the healing, but it is also necessary to avoid foods that can cause problems for the bone graft site. Learning those foods can make a big difference.

Changing Your Diet

It is important to alter your diet immediately after the surgery. There are some foods that you may try to eat that could cause the bone graft to fail or could cause other problems. There are also some foods that can help speed up the recovery.

The biggest obstacle immediately following the surgery is pain. If you have any pain or discomfort or any swelling, you need to avoid foods that can make these problems worse.

The foods to avoid include:

• Hard foods – foods like chips, nuts and hard candy could cause more pain around the site of the graft. They could also damage the wound more if there are any sharp edges to the food.
• Chewy food – Meat and other foods that are difficult to chew can make the pain or discomfort worse.
• Spicy foods – The chemicals that make the food spicy can cause issues with the graft site and can cause pain or swelling.
• Acidic foods – Citrus drinks and fruits, tomatoes and other acidic foods can increase the discomfort you feel.

The best foods to eat after bone graft surgery are soft foods that have vitamins and minerals. Drinking water can also help. Do not use a straw when drinking as the suction can cause problems with the wound site.

Returning to Normal

While avoiding foods and including certain foods in your diet may seem like a pain, the good news is that it does not last forever. As the wound site heals, you can start adding more foods to your diet until it is completely healed. Once the graft has healed, it is possible to return to a normal diet.

A good diet is a key to overall health. When you have bone graft surgery, your diet plays a role in how well you heal. Learning what to eat and what not to eat is a part of the aftercare instructions.

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