How Crown Lengthening Can Boost Your Confidence?
Posted on 01/25/2019 by

When you feel self-conscious and cover your smile because you are embarrassed by it, we want to help you. Today’s society places great importance on having a perfect smile and Americans spend millions of dollars each year on improving the look of their pearly whites.

Scientific studies suggest that the way you smile can also affect how others perceive you and having what is known as a gummy smile can make someone feel inadequate.

Why Do Some People Have Gummy Smiles?

Having a gummy smile doesn’t necessarily indicate there’s a problem with your teeth and people with smiles that show too much of their gum tissue can have perfect oral health. There are a few reasons why a smile can appear gummy, but it’s also relative to how a patient views his or her smile.

A gummy smile happens for several reasons, including the presence of too much gum tissue in the upper jaw, the shape of the teeth, and the shape of the upper lip. All these conditions affect the way in which your smile looks. It is essential to diagnose precisely why the teeth appear shorter to treat you effectively.

Crown Lengthening for Cosmetic Reasons

Our surgeons use a procedure called crown lengthening to improve the look of a gummy smile. During the surgery excess gum tissue is removed and reshaped to expose more of the tooth’s crown and give your smile more symmetry and visual appeal. We place a protective dressing which gets removed one or two weeks after the surgery.

Having crown lengthening can transform your smile and give you a boost of confidence to show more of your beautiful teeth. Crown lengthening can also help when you have misshaped teeth that make your smile look uneven because one or more teeth are shorter than others. Our goal is to give you a smile you want to show off to anyone you meet.