Most Common Causes of Bony Growths of the Mouth
Posted on 06/25/2019 by

Our bodies grow in strange ways at times. Things seem to appear on our bodies that do not seem like they belong. Many times, the appearance of something on our body is nothing special.

There are other times when they are a sign of a bigger problem. Bony growths in the mouth are one of those strange things Learning what causes them can help determine what to do about them.

What Are They?

Bony growths like their name are bone tissue that grows in the mouth. They are known as torus or tori. Growths occur on the tongue side of the bottom jaw, the roof of the mouth or on the cheek by the back molars. The growths are usually covered by gum tissue. Many people are not even aware that they have the bony growths, and in most cases, they are not a problem. That does not mean a person should not find out more about why they have a bony growth or if they should do anything about it.

The Causes of Tori

There is no definitive cause for bony growths in the mouth. It is possible that genetics may play a role in why a person develops the bony growths. It could also be due to stress and environmental reasons. There is a possible connection between bruxism and the tori.

The size of tori can fluctuate over time. They are hard for a person to detect, but it is possible that we can recognize the bony growths during a dental exam. While it is possible to treat them, in most cases, they do not present any problems and do not require treatment. Like many other conditions, it is something to keep an eye on to monitor for any changes in the bony growths.

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