Orofacial Pain Should Not Dictate Your Life
Posted on 06/22/2020 by

We understand the complications that come with dental pain. Some dental pain can even lead to facial pain. In some cases, dental pain can actually cause the face to go numb making it very difficult to eat and drink. All of these problems make living your life to the fullest difficult and we know that we can help you solve your problems.

How You Can Help Us

Before you come into our office, it’s a good idea to identify where your pain is coming from. Finding the location of your pain will help us in identifying the cause of it. Some common places that facial pain stems from is underneath the ear and around the jawline. Pain underneath the ear can be a sign that you grind your teeth and may have TMD. TMD is a condition of the jaw muscle that helps in opening and closing the jaw. If your pain comes from around your jawline, it could be a sign that you have dental issues related to tooth decay or gum disease. It may even be possible you have chipped a tooth and didn’t recognize it. When you face goes numb, it could indicate that you have a serious dental infection going on and need urgent assistance.

What Caused The Pain?

Now that you have identified where the pain is coming from, it’s a good idea to try and remember something that may have caused it. If you have recently experienced physical damage to the mouth, your pain may be coming from a chipped or broken tooth. It may also be a good idea to examine your mouth in the mirror. Any information you can give us at your visit will help us.

If you are currently experiencing orofacial pain, we want you to know we are here to help. Give us a call, and we’ll set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. It’s time to stop letting orofacial pain dictate your life!