Signs You Have an Oral Infection
Posted on 06/23/2018 by

Are you worried that you may have some type of an oral infection? There are some very worrisome symptoms that come along with an oral infection.

If you do not get an oral infection treated, it can become incredibly dangerous since it can spread to the surrounding tissues, your blood, and then to your brain or your heart.

If you have any type of an infection of the mouth, you need to make sure to get it treated as early as possible. That way, you can avoid the dangers associated with that infection.

Symptoms That Your Mouth is Infected

You could have an infection in any area around the mouth and still have problems. It may be in a tooth, in your gums, in your tongue, or even in the lymph nodes under your jaw. All of these areas can get infected and harm your overall health. Most of the signs of this type of an infection are the same.

You will have some type of a fever in nearly all cases, plus you will also likely have tenderness in the area that is infected. You may have a swollen lump where the infection is building up. Plus, you can also have pus or blood draining out of the infected site. Usually, the skin or tissue is warm to the touch as well.

If you have some of these symptoms, you need to come in and get checked out immediately. With the fact that any type of oral infection can spread to the vital parts of your body, you need to get it treated immediately to prevent that.

Call our office today and let us know what signs you have going on. We will then get you seen as quickly as humanly possible so we can make sure that your infection does not have the time to spread.