Signs Your Oral Piercing Has an Infection
Posted on 05/15/2019 by

The use of piercings is a personal choice. Some people love them, while others think the piercings people choose to get are crazy. Most people look at an ear piercing as no big deal, but piercing other parts of the body can open a person up to some problems.

Infections with oral piercings are one of those problems that people can face. There are reasons this happens and there are ways to treat it. The key is knowing when the infection is there.

Why Oral Piercings Are at Risk of Infection

The risk of infection from an oral piercing is highest when the piercing is first done. This is because you are creating a wound to put the piercing in place. Until the wound heals around the piercing, there is an exposure to bacteria around the wound site.

The mouth contains a lot of bacteria. Despite the efforts to maintain good oral health, there is always bacteria in the mouth. If the bacteria grow around the site of a fresh oral piercing, an infection can happen. It is also possible for the oral piercing to damage the teeth and gums at any time it is in place. This also opens up the possibility of infection.

What Happens When an Infection Begins?

The key to dealing with an infection caused by an oral piercing is early treatment. That means it is important to know the signs of an infection. The signs of an infection around an oral piercing are the same as any other infection site in the body.

• Swelling around the piercing site.
• Redness around the site.
• Pus or other fluids around the site.
• Blood.
• Pain and discomfort.
• Difficulty moving the tongue.

It is important to get treatment as soon as possible. For an infection around an oral piercing. This includes removing the piercing as soon as you see signs of an infection.

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