Sleep Apnea Does Not Need to Rule Your Life
Posted on 05/25/2019 by

Sleep apnea can be a serious condition. In certain situations, it could even be life-threatening. To make matters worse, many people who suffer from sleep apnea don’t even know they have the condition.

If you exhibit any of the symptoms of sleep apnea, or if you know that you have it, you do not have to just suffer through it! We can help you with your sleep apnea.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition wherein you temporarily stop breathing while you sleep. This can happen dozens or even hundreds of times a night. During these episodes, you will slightly wake up as you struggle to breathe (although you won’t remember it).

This disrupted sleep can lead to things like headaches, fatigue, a general feeling of malaise, depression, wildly changing moods, and weight gain. In the long run, it can contribute to fatal conditions such as congestive heart failure.

We Can Help

The good news is that sleep apnea is highly treatable. The specific treatment regimen we recommend will vary depending on your individual condition and a few other factors. However, rest assured that we can help you.

One thing we may recommend is weight loss, as being overweight can definitely contribute to sleep apnea. The folds of flesh in your throat and neck area can partially block the airway as you sleep. By losing weight, you reduce this factor.

Another thing we can discuss with you is the use of a specialized device that will fit over your mouth and nose as you sleep. It helps force air down your airway, keeping the breathing passages open. While using this device does take some getting used to, once you have adjusted you will find that you sleep much better than before.

Other treatment options are available, too. So, give us a call and let us help you!