Times Where a Sinus Lift Can Improve Your Oral Health
Posted on 07/10/2018 by

It is important to maintain your oral health. Problems with your teeth and jaws can cause a lot of problems. But how far do people go to keep their oral health.

A sinus lift surgery sounds like a scary procedure. It is not something for a person to do without some thought. They need to learn what a sinus lift is, but they also need to know how it will help them and their oral health.

Dental Implants

One of the most common reasons for a sinus lift is to build up the bone in the jaw to allow for dental implants. There are many reasons that there is not a sufficient amount of bone for an implant. Gum disease, missing teeth and the anatomy of the jaw are some of the reasons. The sinus lift can build up the bone for the implants.

Adding bone before the implants can help them work better. If there is not sufficient bone in place for the implants, they are not as secure and can get damaged or become loose. The implants may not fit as well as they should which could lead to gaps that allow bacteria to grow. Without the sinus lift, the money spent on the implants is often wasted

Other Benefits

Even if a person does not get implants, the sinus lift can help with other procedures. It can help create a better surface for full or partial dentures. The sinus lift can also help avoid infections that can affect the mouth, jaws and teeth.

Whether it is improving the way the teeth look and function or if it is trying to prevent problems in the future with implants, the sinus lift is a procedure that has plenty of benefits.

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