Orofacial Pain Should Not Dictate Your Life

We understand the complications that come with dental pain. Some dental pain can even lead to facial pain. In some cases, dental pain can actually cause the face to go numb making it very difficult to eat and drink. All of these problems make living your life to the fullest difficult and we know that

Why Talk to Us At the Earliest Signs of TMD?

Obviously, it is always sound advice to get on top of any oral health issues as soon as absolutely possible. Because the mouth is an area in which bacteria and infections can travel and grow so fast due to the perfect conditions of heat and moisture, it is almost always imperative to have any concerns

Depression from Poor Dental Health is Fixable

Even with all of the physical problems which arise from poor dental hygiene, perhaps the more devastating toll it takes may be emotional and psychological. While the obvious manifestations of such conditions are things like tooth decay, bad breath, difficulty eating, and hypersensitivity to cold and hot stimuli, for those suffering with severe dental issues

Crown Lengthening Can Give You a Gorgeous Smile

There are few things about our appearance that factor so deeply in our overall self-esteem and confidence as our smile does. Just about anything else that we are uncomfortable with can be covered or accessorized. For thinning hair, hats and wraps can be utilized. For problem areas on our bodies, more flattering clothes can be

Causes of Oddities in Your Mouth Other Than Oral Cancer

Most humans are very curious about what is going on in their mouths. From poking around crevices with the tip of the tongue to lifting up the lips to see what is going on around the gumline, our oral cavities can be a place of interest to explore. Some of it might look a bit

Can Impacted Canines Get Shifted Into the Right Position?

Though we may do what we can to keep our teeth in the best shape possible, sometimes we might get a wrench thrown in that is out of our control. Especially when children are still developing their jaws, teeth stand a greater likelihood of having complications when erupting. The most common issue usually comes from

What Might Be Causing Your Jaw to Hurt?

Is your jaw hurting? Everyone’s jaw hurts from time to time, but you may have noticed that your jaw has been hurting more than usual. If your jaw has been hurting, there are several problems that can happen in your jaw that could be causing your pain. Keep reading for more information on jaw pain

Ways of Managing Swelling After Any Type of Oral Surgery

If you recently had oral surgery, we feel your pain. We want you to be in as little pain as possible after you have surgery. Pain and swelling after surgery is normal, but that doesn’t mean it is comfortable. If you are recovering from oral surgery, here are some tips and tricks to help you

Why Does Cold Weather Sometimes Make Your Jaw Hurt?

Cold weather is the bane of existence for many people. With cold weather comes more time indoors, more chances to get sick, and even jaw pain. It may seem odd that weather can affect your jaw, but it can. Your jaw pain from cold weather may be a sign of a condition known as temporomandibular

What We Can Do to Help with Fractured Crowns

Crowns are a great way to restore your smile and help you maintain good dental hygiene. They can be made with various materials like metal alloys, porcelain, and resin. These materials are strong and resilient to wear and tear, but unfortunately, they aren’t as strong as natural teeth. Because they aren’t as strong as natural